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Hans Becker Consulting

Management Consultant with special expertise in Chassis Technology, Chassis Controls and automotive Software Development



MSc Mechanical Engineering (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Vehicle Engineering, Member of the Verband Deutscher Ingenieure VDI

Professional Career Highlights (FORD Werke GmbH)

Chief Engineer Chassis Engineering, Chassis Controls globally

  • Production and Core Development of all Hardware and Software for Brake Controls ABS/ES,
    Steering Controls EPAS, Suspension Controls CCD/Air Suspension, Driver Assistance Systems
  • functional and disciplinary lead of more than 300 engineers worldwide

Manager Material Cost Product Development, Europe

  • responsibility for product cost reduction of all development departments Ford Europe

Chief Engineer Chassis Engineering, Steering/Tyres/Wheels Europe, Core Development Steering Systems

  • responsibility first Europe only, then globally

Manager CAN Network Functional Integration

Manager Advanced Technology Planning

Special Qualification

  • More than 30 years of Management Experience in the international automotive industry and explicit knowledge in the areas of Chassis Technology, Chassis Controls and Software Development
  • Highly skilled in technical project definition, planning, execution to implementation including cost planning, structuring, tracking and delivery
  • Years of experience in negotiations (technical and commercial), both in german and english, with european, american and asianpartners
  • Detailed knowledge about automotive development and production with a focus on Chassis Hardware and Software development including Driver Assistance Technologies
  • Ability to integrate, coordinate and to lead teams also of large sizes and budget
  • Qualification to asses vehicle and function performance up to dynamic limits
  • English business fluent